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About GVF

GVF produces a wide variety of processed peanuts; it was founded in 2007 by El Sammak family in accordance to the provisions of the Act No. 8 for 1997 and operations started in 2008. The Company’s main activities include roasting, blanching, seasoning, coating and granulating peanuts, to be sold as non-branded peanuts products via its sister company GVR or as branded, packed peanuts based snacks via itself

GVF conducts a wide range of processing on peanuts, which is sold as loose, semi loose, packed or branded products. Recently, The Company developed a unique recipe providing a tasteful coated peanuts snack that the Egyptian market perceived very well. The Company also succeeded in tailoring the required machinery together with the OEM, which automated the typical manual process for coating. The packed coated peanuts created a new segment in the snack industry in Egypt, being the pioneer with no current competition, in which the company has the edge of know-how, required skills, machinery, control of value chain and market penetration. GVF launched its products during September 2013, which is the first among a series of peanuts based s nacks products.

The company’s current product mix is as follows also available in private label:

Salted Peanuts

Salted blanched kernels with Arabic gum

Normal salted blanched kernels.

Salted red skin kernels.

Salted Coated inshell peanuts

Roasted Peanuts

Roasted Inshell peanuts.

Roasted kernels with different Sizes.

Roasted Granulated kernels.

Blanched Peanuts

Blanched kernels with Different Sizes.

Blanched granulated Kernels.


Crispy coated peanuts.

Chocolate coated Peanuts.

Sugar Coated Peanuts.

Choclate Drages Coated Peanuts

Flavored Kernels


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